Hey! My name is Tomasz Pieta and I started Climbing Greece back in 2009. I was a passionate climber and while discovering the new world of web design / development I wanted this project to help climbers traveling to Greece. Initially the website contained information about climbing in the north Greece since those were the areas that I personally climbed.

I was born in Poland although I grew up in Greece in the city of Kavala. Currently I am leaving in Amsterdam and managing this project from my new base.

Of those I couldn’t have done this project alone. Many climbers have contributed with information over the years with the most important contributors being:

  • Theofilos Xatzizirlis
  • Thanasis Xtenas
  • George Malamas

Climbing Greece would not be possible without the contribution of Chris Tsamsakizoglou who lead the development of the website.

For any feedback or if you want to contribute with information, feel free to reach out to us at info@climbing-greece.com