Kakavo (Agios Petros)

The opening of the climbing crags began in 2017 as a private initiative of the family Pappa and her sons Thanos and Vasilis in memory of their husband and father George Pappas who’s roots were from Agios Petros and he had a great love for the region and the village. This effort helped financially residents and businesses in the village.

The rock is high quality gray-brown and red limestone with a total of 42 routes in both crags. The routes are quite diverse. Short and easy routes, slabs, stalactites and even overhanging  routes. The crag has a very quick access.

The crags are in high altitude (800-850 meters). This results in an average temperature of 5 degrees lower than the seaside areas. Climbing is possible all year long. Caution during the winter: The area may be blocked after heavy snowfall. Be informed before your visit (6945-377-328 and 27920-31155)


Kakavo is a large climbing crag just across from the small village of Mesoraxi. It was discovered in 2016 by Dimitris Titopoulos and Thanos Pappas on a research trip in Zonanga. The rocks in Kakavo have many possibilities for equipping new climbing routes.


The routes so far have been equipped with the following materials: Certified UIAA Raumer 316L and Certified UIAA Fixe PLX.

Necessary equipment

Climbing rope 70 meters, 20 quickdraws.


From Agios Petros, head to Tripoli. After Kastri you reach a bridge with yellow railings. Immediately then take the asphalt road descending to Mesoraxi. Arriving at the open square with the church of Zoodohos Pigi turn left into a cement road. At the end of the road turn left and just after right. Afterwards the cement road becomes dirt road suitable for every car. There are parking spots also a bit further down the road. Follow the path on the left that goes to the forest. When you get to the river turn right by following the fixed ropes. Shortly after, take the right path. Follow the marks and fixed ropes to the crag.

Climbing Routes Table:

Κάκαβο ( Το Κάκαβο είναι ένα αρκετά μεγάλο πεδίο ακριβώς απέναντι απο τον μικρό οικισμό της Μεσοράχης. Απο τα βράχια έχετε πανέμορφη θέα της Μεγάλης Τούρλας, της κορυφής του Πάρνωνα. Ανακαλύφθηκε το 2016 απο τούς Δημήτρη Τιτόπουλο και Θάνο Παππά σε ένα ερευνητικό ταξίδι για τα βράχια της Ζονάγκας. )

1Like tears from the sun5c+13m, Θ. Παππάς Δ. Τιτόπουλος 2017
2Λεπόγκα8b (?)25m, Θ. Παππάς, Ν Κόδρος 2017
3Σπόνδυλος8a+20m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος 2017
4Έλξη7a18m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
5O σάκος του πολίτη6c+27m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
6Βαγιανάκη Ρέμα6c25m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
7Συνονόματος6b+25m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
8Unfinished Project-
9Amrita6c+/7a22m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς , Ν. Κόδρος 2017
10To Tυράκι του Παππού7b22m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
11Δροσοσουλίτσα7a22m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς , Ν. Κόδρος 2017
12Tρογλωδύτη7b18m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
13Tριλοβίτης6b+22m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς 2017
14Γρύπας7c/7c+25m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος 2017
15Eπιδέξιος Ράφτης6b/6b+25m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Σ.Σιβισσίδης 2017
16Dharma6a+22m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Σ.Σιβισσίδης 2017
17Master Oogway6a18m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Σ.Σιβισσίδης 2017
18Πεταχτούρι6a17m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Σ.Σιβισσίδης 2017
19Πολικός Αρκούδος6a20m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Ν.Κόδρος 2017
20Ανθρακορύχος5c+20m, Δ. Τιτόπουλος, Θ. Παππάς Σ.Σιβισσίδης 2017

Credits: Δημήτρης Τιτόπουλος, Θάνος Παππάς, Στέλιος Σιβισσίδης, Νίκος Κόδρος. Επίσης βοήθησαν οι Μαριάννα Θυμιάκη, Λυκούργος Πολυχρονόπουλος και Κωσταντίνος Νεοκλέους

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