Emin Aga

Climbing in Ioannina, Emin Aga


The “Emin Aga” is a new climbing area which was equipped with routes in 2013. It is located just 20 km from the city of Ioannina towards Arta. The distance is traveled within 25 minutes by car from the center of Ioannina. The climbing crag is distinct from the street, so it is quite easy to find.

On field

The orientation of the crag is North, which means that it is not exposed to the sun at all during the day, making it ideal for the summer. On very cold winter days the crag is not suitable for climbing. To get to the crag takes only 12-15 minutes walk from the area that you leave your car. The walk is very pleasant in the forest. For safe climbing in the crag you will need 15-20 quickdraws and a rope of 80 -100 meters. As you understand the routes are quite long and due to the overhang it requires good endurance to free climb them.

Always leave a knot in the end of your rope!

Climbing Routes Table:

Εμην Αγά ( Το "Εμήν Αγά" είναι ένα καινούριο αναρριχητικό πεδίο το οποίο άρχισε να εξοπλίζεται με διαδρομές μέσα στο 2013 )

1Τακάκι Τσίου6b
23 πουλάκια5c
3Persona non Greta-
5Planet Caravan7c+
6Big machine7a+/7b
7Κλοουνοφόβια & Υψοφοβία (ext.)6a+project (ext.)
8Εμήν Αγά7b/7b+
10Rue de la vista7c6c+ part 1, 7c part 2
12Κοινωνική μηχανική-
15Ιερός SEXεταστής-
16Memento mori8a (?)
17White snake7c
18Mr Μαρ...μάγκας8a (?)
19Give me or leave me7c/7c+
20Taki chan8a
21Ginkgo Biloba-
22Ερωτικός Μετανάστης-
23Ερωτικός Θεατρίνος7a
24Ηθική προς... βολή6c+
25Style matters6c
26Η πτώση σας προωθείται7a

Credits: www.ioanninaclimbing.gr

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