Giola Thassos

Giola, Thassos, Kavala Prefecture

Giola in Thassos, is a unique place to combine your daytrip at the beach, with some deep water soloing included. Giola is located in Southern Thassos after the monastery of Archangelos. You have to be extra careful while climbing in Giola, because the level of the sea in the pool of Giola depends from the tides.. The tides fill the pool of Giola with water.. So pay attention to the level of water before trying to climb!

The highest part of the rock is about 10m and so far few difficulty grades have been given by Thanasis Htenas from Kavala. The most interesting line is in the excact center of the pool graded around 6b/6b+

There is one more interesting place for DWS 100-150 meters to the right as you face Giola.. The grades are much harder!


Getting there: From Limena

The approach is much sorter if you get the ferry from Keramwmti which is a 30min trip. When you arrive to Limena you follow the signs to Makryamma, Xrysi Ammoudia, Koinyra and also there are signs for the Archangelos monastery. Approximatelly 500m after the monastery you will see an openning of the road on your right side. You can park your car over there. From there you hike down to Giola for approx. 15min on an easy path. The total distance from Limenas is 40km and the distance from Kavala – Keramwti 37km. The price of the ferry is 10€ for the car and 1,5€ per person. The prices mentioned is from the pricelist 2010.

Getting there: From Prinos

If you choose to take the ferry from Kavala, you will arrive to Prinos. From Prinos follow the signs to Skala Kallirahis, Skala Marion, Limenaria, Poto and finally you arrive to the Archangelos Monastery. In this case, you will see the openning of the road on your right side, 500m before the monastery. The disadvantage in this case is that the duration of the boat trip is 1,30 hour and the tickets are a more expensive. 16€ for the car and 3,5€ per person.


Neerby climbing areas that are worth to visit are:

Remvi Irakleitsa -> Kavala Prefecture

Balcony Nestos River -> Very close to Keramwti harbour

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