Ypati (Ytoi)


The sector «Λευκός Κρίνος» is located next to Ypati, in the foot of Mt Oiti. It took its name from the rare flower «Lilium candidum» (known as Madonna Lily).

The first climbing routes where an initiative of D. Titipoulos the Spring of 2011. Since then many routes where bolted from D.Titopoulos and D. Tsitsikas and the help of the locals(including Kalotyhos Andreas, Polymatidi Taso, Georgakopoulo Thanasi, Pratila Louka and Marmatzako Konstantino). The routes have a length of 13 – 20 meters and the difficulty is up to 7a+. All the routes are equipped with anchors and an automatic safety carabiner.

The orientation is East and the shade in the crag comes at noon. Thanks to the crag’s location which is next to the river Xiria it is relatively cool and the trees form shadow. The winter season the climbing is possible only the morning hours that the crag is in the sun

Search more information in the locals blog (Lamia climbing community): http://lamiaclimbingcommunity.wordpress.com/

Climbing Routes Table:


1.Φθίνω7a (?)
2.Ανώνυμη 17a (?)
3.Γενέθλια                     6c
4.Χάλαβρα                    6a+
5.Δάφνη                        6a
6.28η Οκτωβρίου             6a+/6b
7.Των φυσικών                6b     
8.Των αρχαιολόγων          5b  
9.Φροσάρα                       6c    
10.Μούμους                       6a   
11.Κόψη                           5c      

Credits: Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τον Πρατίλα Λουκά για τις πληροφορίες του αναρριχητικού πεδίου της Υπάτης

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