Sidirokastro Katarraktes (Waterfalls)

Climbing in Katarraktes is quite popular, especially for climbers from Thessaloniki. The crag has 10 routes and a very quick access. It is ideal for climbing during the winter months as the sun shines on the crag the whole day.


After Sidirokastro continue to the direction of Faia Petra. Check the sign shown on the map, and turn right following the passable dirt road until you leave the vacant lot. The climbing area is about 10 minutes walking.

Sector River Cave

A single route in the cave above.. The grade of the route is around 8b+ free climbed by Thanasis Xtenas. 45 degrees overhang, in a beautiful place by the river. It is worth just to take a walk and visit the place. The name of the route is “sex in the beach”

Sector Castle Isaros

The castle Isaros is located in Sidirokastro across the bridge. There are 2 routes from which the first is called “Elafokinigos” 7b+ 30m and the other is  called ‘In the Shadow of the carpenter’ and it’s 5b + with a length of 20m.

Climbing Routes Table:

Πεδίο Καταρράκτες

1.Μετ΄ εμποδίων6aTRADITIONAL, 55m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8σετ & 1 σειρά friends, 2σχοινιές
2.Μοναχικός κούκος7c+ 40m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 13σετ, 2σχοινιές
3.Ξεροκαζάκιας8b25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 13σετ
5.Mastermind8b25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 13σετ
6.Fear factor8a+/8b25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 13σετ
7.Ένοχο μυστικό8a+/8b25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 13σετ
7a.Animal instinct8b/8b+ 25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 13σετ , project
8.Fame story6a+TRADITIONAL, 30m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8σετ & friends Ν1-2
9.Πάνω-Κάτω-Ούφ6bTRADITIONAL, 25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7σετ & μερικά καρύδια
10.Πανικός5aTRADITIONAL, 20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5σετ & μερικά friends μεσαία μεγάλα
11.Λεπτή ισορροπία6b+25m

Πεδίο Ποτάμι-Σπηλιά


Πεδίο Κάστρο Ίσαρος

2Στην σκιά του μαραγκού5b+20m

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