Katavolo Crag

Climbing in Euboea, Kymi

‘Katavolo’ is the name used  by the locals to refer to a location just 6km before the village called Metochi. The crag there is just a very small part of the long rocky coastline of  Euboea island, an island located off  the central-eastern part of the Greek mainland. The crag is located in the central part of the island,  in the region of  Kymi, at the foot of the Kotylaia Mountains, literally above the sea, at an altitude of 500m, with panoramic views of the Nothern Sporades islands and the coastline of Euboea and Pelion.  On a clear day you can see the island of Thassos and Mount Athos.  The crag consists of excellent quality compact limestone and has a total height of 140m.  You can climb here on red wall, on holds ranging from tufas to very small ones, can be very pleasant even on hot summer days. 

Approach / Access

From the town center of Kymi, drive to the west and follow the signs for the villages Vitala and Metochi.  After 4km, at the fork (Vitala-Metochi) turn right towards the village of Metochi.  Follow the road and the crag will appear impressive on your right hand.  The nearest beach, just 10km from the cliff, is that of Metochi.  There you can find a cafe and a tavern. There is also a specially designated area where you can camp in the shade, absolutely free of charge.

Climbing Routes Table:


1HERA6b+Ρούσαλης Γ.
2APOLLO6b+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
3PAP TEST-(7c+/8a?) Ρούσαλης Γ.
4HERACLEIDES7c/7c+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Ρούσης Ν.
5COPPA DI NESTORE6c+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
6BRIAREUS6bΡούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
7BRIAREUS EXTENSION6c+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
8CRIUS-(7a/7a+?) Τσεσμετζόγλου Α. – Ρούσαλης Γ.
9ANTRO DELLA SIBILLA6c+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
10CAMPANULA6aΡούσαλης Γ.
11PETROPSARO5c+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Υφαντής Δ.
12SYCOPHANT5cΡούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
13SYCOPHANT EXTENSION7b+Ρούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο.
14Ημιτελής / unfinished?Ρούσαλης Γ.
15HIPPOCLES7aΡούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρας Β.
16HIPPOCLES EXTENSION-Μπρέντας Κ. – Καρράς Ν.
17BLACK HORSEMAN-(7c+/8a?) Ρούσαλης Γ. – Τσιονάρα Ο. – Ρούσης Ν.
18Ημιτελής / unfinished?Ρούσαλης Γ. – Μπρέντας Κ.
20ASKADA-Καρράς Ν. – Θεοδώρου Α.

Credits: Eυχαριστούμε θερμά τον Γιώργο Ρουσάλη και το Climb in Kymi για την αποστολή των πληροφοριών των αναρριχητικών πεδίων της Κύμης / Special thanks to George Rousalis and Climb in Kymi for sharing the information of climbing crags in Kymi

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