Kipoi Ioannina

The climbing sector is right before the village Kipoi, 35km away from Ioannina. This means that you will need about 40min of driving. Kipoi is one of the main villages in the area of Zagorochoria. From Ioannina, you drive to Konitsa. After the village Metamorfosi (9km from Ioannina), turn right to Aspraggelous- Elati, following the signs towards Kentriko Zagori. Then pass the village Dilofo, and cross the bridge “Kokori” and continue to Kipoi. On your left the road goes to Koukoulio.

Right before the village, after passing the bridge, on your right, there is an open area where you can park. The rocks are on the left side of the road, as you cross the bridge. On the opposite of the parking, there is a path that leads to the bridge “Lazaridis”, within 3min of walking. The first two single lines have been equipped in 1990, while the rest of them between 2004-2005. Due to its western orientation, the sun hits the sector in the morning, and thus the best time for climbing in the summer is late in the evening, while during the winter, it is preferable to climb from early in the morning till the afternoon.

Climbing Routes Table:

Παλιές γραμμές

1.O psilos kai o kontos I4a
2.O psilos kai o kontos II4c

Κυρίως Πεδίο

3.Scared Spirit7a+/7bROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 11
4.Plastic Fantastic7b+ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 10
5.Try the best forget τhe rest-ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 11
6.Crazy Waters7c+ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 10
7.Monochnotos-ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
8.Psichros Ektelestis-ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
10.Ta Ro tou Erota7a+ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
11.Choris Oikto7aROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
13.Klemeni Omorfia6c+ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
15.Master Magnets8a (?)ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
16.Diprosopos Erastis8a+/8bROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
17.Sweet Misery-ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
18.Maistros7a+ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
19.Sirokos6a+/6bROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 11
20.Pechlivanis6b+ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 10

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