Kleisoura, Agrinio

The climbing sector of Kleisoura belongs to the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania and it is famous for its rock’s overhang (about 35 degrees). It is one of the most popular climbing sectors in Greece and it has been equipped with new routes in 2000. It’s gorge of 2km length offers a good chance for bolting more new routes. With a western orientation the gorge gives you a chance for climbing during the summer, especially in the afternoon. You can climb even if it’s raining due to the overhanging nature of the rock. Most of the rock consist of stalactites and when they get wet they are likely to drip. The best period for visiting Kleisoura is during spring and autumn.

How to get there

The climbing sector is very easy to reach. You can drive from Thessaloniki to Agrinio. By the time you pass Agrinio, you change your direction towards Patra-Rio. About 15km after Agrinio you will meet the gorge of Kleisoura on your left. The climbing sector is in the beginning of the gorge while you are moving towards Patra-Rio. You will find a short dirt-road that will lead you to the climbing sector. After parking, you will need to walk for about 5min.

Climbing Routes Table:


4A.↑ (+L2a: the roof above)7c+/8a+10m
4b.↑ (+L2b: the roof above)8b/8c (?)+20m
5a.(direct variation)8a22m
6.↑ Architeuthis (L2)8a++25m
7.Via del Popolo6b+20m
7b.(to be continued)?++25m
7c.? (mixed gear)7c25m
8.Glykia Idoni8a+15m
10.Ohra spirohaiti8a/8a+32m
10a.Syphilis 7c32m, same bolts; avoids Ohra's crux going right in Cocodrila
11a.+↑ Cocodrilo Grande7b34m
12.Rezous minus8b32m
13.Kafroman 8b+33m, (finish to top)
14.(chimney-project - mixed gear)-
16a.Double Penetration8a25m
16b.+↑ Gang Bang8c33m
17.Kid Loco7a15m
17a.+↑ Hombre-Solo7c+/8a20m
17b.+↑ Hombre Loco8a+27m
18.Gourounompeis ('PigMaster')8b/8b+25m
19.Aimatoroufihtra ('BloodSucker')8b27m
20.?8b/8c (?)
21.?8b/8c (?)25m

Credits: Αρίστος Θανόπουλος

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