Krevatia Olympus

Climbing in mountain Olympus, Krevatia

Krevatia is a mountaineering shelter located in the area of Vrontous and the northern edge. The person in charge of the shelter is Mamuris Vasilis and has been maintaining the trails and the routes in this side of Olympus for many years.

The action for the development of the crag was decisive. From the very first contact with Vasilis he agreed to develop and equip the crag. The bolting began in the summer of 2008.

The quality of the rock is quite good, except from the cave which is solid only in the middle. The crag faces east and is ideal during the cool days. In the summer the sun reaches the crag around 11am so it’s best to climb in the afternoon.

Approach – access

On the highway Thessaloniki – Athens turn to Dion and then for Vrontou. Follow the signs to the shelter Krevatia. The last 7 km to the shelter is dirt road although of good quality. Just before the last uphill to the shelter (300 meters) turn left into the opening of the slope. Park your car there. On your right is the first edge of the steep slope. Move along with the steep slope and follow the signs that lead you down and right to the crag. First you pass the cave (5 minutes) and after 10-12 minutes you are in the grey wall (main crag). Feel free to ask more information from John and Kostas the managers of the mountaineering shelter. Specials thanks to EOS Vrontous for providing the bolts.

Author : Theofilos Xatzizirlis

Climbing Routes Table:

Κρεβάτια Ολύμπου

1.(Τρικούβερτη ΣπηλιΙπτάμενο τσιμπούρι7c+/8a18m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
1.(Γκρίζος Τοίχος)Βασούλα-20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
2.Πουλιά6a+/6b20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
3.Ολύμπια θεά7c+/8a18m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
4.Road trip-20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
5.Έκλειψη6c+20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
6.24ωρο6b+20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
7.(no name)6b20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6

Credits: Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τον κ. Χ''Ζύρλη Θεόφιλο για τις πληροφορίες του αναρριχητικού πεδίου.

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