Kria Ioannina

To find the climbing crag, drive from Ioannina towards Konitsa. When you arrive at the ‘Gastra’ restaurant, which is about 6 km from Ioannina, turn right across from the Dodoni milk factory. Follow the asphalt road for about 2 km until a crossroad. Continue on the dirt road in front of you without turning for the next 3 km.

On your left you will see a red dot where you can park your car. Follow the red markers to the left for about 5 minutes and you will arrive to the crag. The routes were equipped in 2002.

The crag is ideal for climbing in the winter between 12.00-16.00 while in the summer climbing is only possible after 16.00.

For more information about the climbing crags in Ioannina follow this link.

Climbing Routes Table:

Κρύα Ιωναννίνων

2.To fantasma tis Krias6c+
4.Tsifoutanthropos direct7a
5.Thimomeno portreto-
6.Akirichtos polemos7a+
7.Ekptotos aggelos6b+
8.Pliromeno antio6b+

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