Leros Climbing

So far there are two climbing sectors that were bolted in 2014. The sectors are Punta Bianca which is located eastern from Panteli  and Xirokampos which is located next to Xirokampos village.  

All the routes were bolted in 2014 by the following climbers: 

Christian Gaab, Dennis Illing, Toni Lamprecht, Nicki Schramm, Ben Ullmann

Sponsors: Waternative Alternative Sailing and Industrial Association of Leros 

Punta Bianca

climbing in leros punta bianca

The sector’s orientation is eastern. The access is possible by boat or with 10min walking from the abandoned military barracks in the top of the hill. During the summer the sector is in the shade after 15:00.



climbing in leros


The access is also possible by boat or with 10min walking from the harbour of Xirokampos. The sector has eastern orientation and the summer is in shade after 15:00.

Climbing Routes Table:

Punta Bianca

1Nimertis 6b(FA: Nicki Schramm)
2Bee happy6a(FA: Ben Ullmann)
3Managa6c+(FA: Ben Ullmann)
4Tzaki6c(FA: Nicki Schramm)
5Triftis6b(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
6Flash or Flasche5c(FA: Dennis Illing)
7Don't tell it your mama6c+(Christian Gaab)
8Benedikt7a(FA: Ben Ullmann)
9The freak in me6c+(Christian Gaab)
10Greaster6b+(right anchor on top) (FA: Dennis Illing)
11Bonanza7b+(finishes with number 10) (FA: Toni Lamprecht)
12Japonoya7b+(left anchor on top) (Christian Gaab)
13Fix Hellas7a+(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
14Caprice Classic6b(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
15Augustiner Stüberl 6b(same anchor than number 14) (FA: Dennis Illing)
16Bougatsa7a+(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
17Pame 7c(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
18Mamadopoulos6c(starts with number 19 and finishes with the top of number 17) (FA: Nicki Schramm)
19Sirenas Aegean7b(FA: Nicki Schramm)
20The lady's first6b+(FA: Toni Lamprecht)


1The captain did not come6a+(FA: Dennis Illing)
2Paramythi7b+(FA: Nicki Schramm)
3Toxic Baglava7a(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
4Kokkino Diambinli7b(FA: Nicki Schramm)
5Mr. Miagi und seine Schnecken7c+(FA: Ben Ullmann ,Toni Lamprecht)
6Für Uli (Project)-(FA: Ben Ullmann)
7Photo Charly5b(FA: Dennis Illing, Toni Lamprecht)
8Dilayla's oil6b+(Christian Gaab)
9Tholoura7b+(FA: Dennis Illing, Nicki Schramm)
10Buzzin Hornets8b+(goes straight up from the middle)
11Japophobia7b+(goes to the right to the anchor in the middle of the cave) (FA: Christian Gaab)
12Nicki Naki6c(finishes at the same anchor than number 11) (FA: Nicki Schramm)
13Calypso8a(FA: Toni Lamprecht)
14Mythos8a (?)(goes right from the finish of number 11 all the way to the anchor of number 13) (Christian Gaab)
15Nicki Megalo8a (?)(goes left from the anchor of number 11/12 all the way up into number 9) (Nicki Schramm)

Credits: Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τον Δημήτριο Πράντζο για την αποστολή των πληροφοριών των αναρριχητικών πεδίων της Λέρου / Special thanks to Dimitrios Prantzos for sharing the information of climbing in Leros island

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