Parnassos, Lilaia

Parnassos. Lilaia


The crag was first visited by Tzortzis Milias and Nikos Duros in 2004, while the construction of MILIASCAMPSVILLAGE had started near Gravia, 5 km from the crag. Then Tzortzis Milias along with students from the climbing school and mainly with the help of Dimitris Kokkoris opened and bolted many routes in sector A and B. The route “Μηδέν άγαν” was bolted by Dimitris Titopoulos and Tzortzis Milias but hasn’t been free climbed yet. In sector A new routes were bolted by Tz. Milias N.Grigoropoulos and D. Mantzavinos while in sector C  by Tz. Milias , M. Titopoulos, P. Grigoropoulos and Dimitris Mantzavinos.

Getting There

On the road to Parnassos you overtake Amfiklia and Polydrosso before Lilaia, you see a sign that leads left to a dirt road to a small hydroelectric plant (after a small bridge and just before a big gas station with a cafeteria and a fence). Follow the dirt road to the factory and after 800 meters park where the fence ends. From there at  your righgt side you can see the red roof. We cross the stream right at the end of the fence, following the red signs. Pass the meadow (moving to the right) and continue the marked path which ascends always from the right side of the roof. Total time from the car to the crag, 10 min.


All routes are secured with stainless steel ten cm bolts, and have sportiv style which means than need quickdraws to free climb them. All the routes have an anchor. The crag is suitable for climbing schools and young/amateur climbers. The routes have at their base the name and the difficulty written. Beware when rappeling from the long routes (25-30 m). Make sure you have a knot at the end of the rope.


East. The rocks have shade in the afternoon (after 14.30) and in the morning sun. In the summer you should go in the afternoon while in the winter in the morning.

Climbing Routes Table:

Κόκκινη Στέγη

1Περήφανα γηρατειά6a+28m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Δ.Κόκκορης, Λ.Πρατίλας
2Συν επί πλην6c+28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
3Το φιδάκι ο Διαμαντής6a+28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
4Ευγενία28m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Ν.Ντούρος, Π.Παύλου
5Το χάνι της Milias6a28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
6Βασιλική6a+/6b28m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος
7του Νικόλα5b28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
8Αχ Νώντα6a20m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Ν. Βιρβιδάκης
9της Βίκης5c28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
1028η Οκτωβρίου5b28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
11Παντάνασσα5c22m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
12Οδυσ. Ανδρούτσος6c+28m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
13Ξάδερφος6b+30m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος, Δ. Μαντζαβίνος
14Δί-ευρω    6b30m, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος,Δ.Μαντζαβίνος, Τζ. Μηλιάς
15του Κώστα6a+25m, Κώστας ?
16Μηδέν άγαν7b/7b+20m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Δ.Τιτόπουλος (Ελευθερώθηκε από Χρ.Δανιήλ)
17Η πιο εύκολη7a (6c,A0)20m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ.Κόκκορης
1Περίεργη6b20m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Δ.Κόκκορης
2Τσουπωτή6b+20m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
3Χρόνια πολλά Κόκκορη6b+20m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ. Κόκκορης
1Κούτσικη5a8m, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος, Δ.Μαντζαβίνος, Τζ. Μηλιάς
2Μπαμ-μπουμ5b+20m, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος, Δ. Μαντζαβίνος, Τζ, Μηλιάς
3Νέα γενιά5c20m, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος,Δ.Μαντζαβίνος
4Tου δάσκαλου του Τζώρτζη6a+30m, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος, Δ.Μαντζαβίνος
5Στα μέτρα σου6a30m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Ν.Γρηγορόπουλος
6Όχι άλλο κάρβουνο6b30m, Τζ.Μηλιάς
7Η όμορφη6b+30m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ.Τιτόπουλος
8Η Δήμητρα μεσ΄ στη βροχή6a/7a (?)20m, Τζ.Μηλιάς, Δ.Τιτόπουλος
9Έχε το νου σου6b30m, Τζ. Μηλιάς
10Έχει θέμα6a30m, Τζ. Μηλιάς, Δ.Τιτόπουλος

Credits: Πληροφορίες από Τζώρτζη Μηλιά (κιν. 6944636179), MILIAS CAMPS VILLAGE 22650 91620

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