Mantri, Sidirokastro

Climbing in Mantri, Sidirokastro

Getting there

It is the first sector that we see from the road after the sector “Plaka Australou” . Before the first bridge that we run into our road to Faia Petra there is an uphill dirtroad that drives us to a farming facility where we park the car, excactly before the facility(pay attention to the dogs… No incident so far, but be careful). Follow the borders to the East to the Nose formation of the rock that is obvious even from the parking. There the border ends and you traverse the base of the rock. With the help of a fixed rope you access the climbing sector. Alternative approach from the sector “Plaka Australou” which includes a hike of 30 min. From “Plaka Australou” you take the direction to small tower with the painted Greek flag and from there you follow the wide path which keeps you in the same height with the tower.. You follow that, all the way to the sector

Climbing Routes Table:


1.Ο λυτρωτής?
2.Θεία γέννα?
3.88 παρά?


4.Το πιλιέ του ανέμου5a15m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5set 
5.Ζαναέρ6b/6b+20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8set 
6.La palma6b+16m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6set
7.Το μπει or not του μπει6a+/6a15m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8set 
8.Ηλεκτρούργημα?18m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7set 
9.Ηλεκρτούργημα ~~?20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7set 
11.Το πιστολίνο του Μιχαλάκη?
12.Παγωμένος δρομέας?
13.Γιακούζα6a60m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 10set, friends 4-7, καρύδια μεσάια-μεγάλα 
14.El sirviente del sure?
15.Όλα τα 'χει ο μπακτσές?
16.Το πηγάδi των ευχών5c2sl, 5b - 5c


17.Το κερασάκι6a2sl, 5c - 6a
18.Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό?

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