Meteora, Thessalia

Meteora are the amazing dominate rock formations in Kalambaka between the mountains of Koziakas and Antiochasia. This majesty of nature reveals all its greatness for centuries now, as it is a unique geological phenomenon and an important monument of Orthodoxy.
Meteora, which has been classified as the second Mount Athos, has continued the monastic tradition for about six centuries.

At the view of the sacred rocks, the visitor is stunned by the impressive majesty of this gigantic stone complex. The ascetic stalls embedded in the rocks testify the irrepressible presence of the first monks, who were devoted “soul and body” to God.

The first monasteries were built with much diligence and craftsmanship in the 14th century. Over the years some of them have been reconstructed and others have undergone major repairs to complete and give their final architectural form. Since then they have been standing on top of the rocks, giving the impression that they float in the clouds.

Climbing in Meteora

The rock is almost everywhere the same. Compressed sandstone with small / large pebbles embedded into the rock.

Doupiani is ideal for beginners and a very well bolted area. Climbing associations from Greece are usually practising with their students in this area, thus it might be crowded during easter break.

Climbing in Meteora is considered quite hardcore, with long run outs and pretty demanding footwork and delicate movement.

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