Narthaki Lamia

Climbing crag Narthaki in Lamia

The crag Narthaki” is located next to the city of Lamia, at the foot of Othrys. Named after the ancient city Narthakion” that was built on the hill above the crag (continuing the path to the village Limogardi). Consists of three crags. The “Lower crag“, the “Up” and “First”. The “First” and oldest can be accessed from the X.Y.T.A (the place where they throw the waste of the city). The sector has only six routes which were opened in 2003 for climbing schools and basically now it has been abandoned.

The other two sectors have common access (located on highway Domokos) and were opened in 2007. The routes have short length(8-18 meters) but it is perfect for an afternoon workout. The grades are up to 6c+. Because most of the routes are short the grading can be considered a little ‘hard‘. The anchors have automatic carabiners with wire gate for direct abseiling.

The orientation is north-east and the shadow falls from noon in the “Down” sector. TheUpper” sector is south oriented with shadow during the afternoon.

More information you will find in the local community blog

Approach – Access

Following the National Road Lamia Domokos 2nd km we arrive to a node towards the city of Lamia. Just opposite (east) begins a dirt roadto the crag (there is also a sign that points to the crag). After 1.5 km starts the path which after 0.7 km or 15 minutes of walking will take you to the Lower Narthaki. The trail continues for another 10 minutes for the “Above Narthaki.” The marking of the trail is with orange dots and cuckoos. You can find GPS coordinates in the following link 


Climbing Routes Table:


1.Σβησμένα αστέρια PR4a10m
2.Άγνωστες πτήσεις6a+10m
3.Άγνωστες πτήσεις6a+10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
4.Πικρία (direct)6b+10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
5.Πικρία 6b10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
6.Fata Morgana6a8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
7.Του Μαθητούδη 5a10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
8.Πορφυρά ξωτικά 5c+10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
9.Ο Τσολιάς6c12m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
10.Μαρίκα6a+10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
11.Μαρίκα (παραλλαγή) 6b10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
12.Μουχλαλούδα6c+10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
13.Indiana Jones  6b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
14.Ναυαγοί Λεγεωνάριοι  5c+10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
15.Βουνά της Αφροδίτης  5+12m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
16.Κυριακή των Βαΐων 6b10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
17.Phantom6c10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
18.Φαλός6a10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
19.Αέναος χορός 6a10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
20.Άθλιες γιορτές 6a18m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
21.Καπουτσίνοι μοναχοί 4c18m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 10
22.Όνειρο από χιόνι 5a16m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
23.Βαθμολαγνεία  4c16m


1.Της Νιότης τα δώρα 5a8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
2.Φασόλι5c+8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
3.Σεληνόφως 5c+8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
4.Άσπρο χέλι  6a+8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
5.Μαύρη Σμέρνα-8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
6.Πολλά υποσχομένην  6b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
7.Άφθαρτη γόνιμη γη  5c+8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
8.Όθρυς5a8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
9.Τιτανομαχία4b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
10.Της Λήθης το ψέμα  4b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
11.Δευκαλίωνας  6a+8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3


1.Η Ωδή & ο Πάνας5b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
2.Απόκοσμο παζάρι  6b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
3.Σκοτεινοί της νιότης μας χειμώνες 6a8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
4.Θλιμμένοι αναρχικοί5c+8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
5.Θολή μου Μνήμη5b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3
6.Μικρό ξωτικό5b8m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 3

Credits: Ευχαριστούμε θερμά τον Πρατίλα Λουκά για τις πληροφορίες του αναρριχητικού πεδίου Ναρθάκι.

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