Oktonia Crag

Climbing in Euboea, Kymi

The crag of Oktonia is an imposing, oblong wall that stands on the nothern slope of Mount Kallimanis (762m).  Located in the middle of the mountain, in the area which the locals call ‘Pachnia’, at an altitude of 470m, with panoramic views of the Gulf of Kymi and the island of Skyros.  On a clear day you can see the islands of Chios and Thassos, as well as Mount Athos.  It consists of compact limestone of excellent quality and has an overall hight of 50m.  Climbing here can be very pleasant, even on hot summer days, and it can be done either on red wall with large texture, or on grey wall with small holds.  It is of historical significance as it is the first sport climbing crag developed in the region and the style of the routes is typicall of the time they were set.

Approach / Access

From the town center of Kymi move downhill and to the east, following the signs for Paralia Kymis.  Take the coastal road and follow the sign for Chalkida.  After 16km from Paralia Kymis, turn left into the village of Chania, drive past the village of Avlonari peripherally and follow the sign for Oktonia village.  Pass the church in the village square (here you can find a bakery, a grocery store, a coffee shop and a tavern).  After leaving the village, follow the sign for Mpournia and turn right (picture).  After 500m turn right onto a dirt road (good condition) following the signs for the chapel of Zoodochos Pigi to the end of the road.  The marked footpath leading to the crag starts from the left of the church fence.  The nearest beaches are those of Mourteri and Agios Merkourios just 6km from the cliff.  There you can find cafes, taverns and space for free camping.

Climbing Routes Table:


1ΜΠΕΤΟΒΕΡΓΕΣ (Mpetoverges)6a+Στραβογένης Δ. – Γράσσος Θ.
2Ημιτελής / UnfinishedΣτραβογένης Δ. – Γράσσος Θ.
3ΣΦΕΡΟΝΙΜΟ (Sferonimo)6b+Στραβογένης Δ. – Μουτζουβής Σ.
4Ημιτελής / Unfinished?Ρούσαλης Γ. – Στραβογένης Δ.
5ΣΥΝΕΡΓΑΣΙΑ (Synergasia)6c+Στραβογένης Δ.-Μουτζουβής Σ.-Βουτυρόπουλος Γ. & Ν.
6ΔΙΕΔΡΟ (Diedro)6c+Αλιγιάννης Γ.
7ΠΑΡΑΠΛΗΓΙΚΗ (Parapligiki)5bΣτραβογένης Δ. – Μουτζουβής Σ.
8ΚΟΣΣΑ (Kossa)6b+Στραβογένης Δ. – Χατζηγεωργίου Ν. – Βουτυρόπουλος Γ.
9ΛΟΥΦΑ (Loufa)7aΣτραβογένης Δ. – Χατζηγεωργίου Ν. – Βουτυρόπουλος Γ.
10ΒΙΞ (Vix)6bΣτραβογένης Δ. – Βουτυρόπουλος Γ.
11ΚΑΘΥΣΤΕΡΗΜΕΝΗ (Kathysterimeni)6bΜουτζουβής Σ. – Στραβογένης Δ.
12ΑΣΠΡΟΥΛΙΑΡΑ (Asprouliara)5bΜουτζουβής Σ. – Στραβογένης Δ.
13ΝΑΝΤΙΑ6bΣτρατής Α. – Λοΐζου Α.
14ΜΠΕ (Mpe)6b+Παπαδιάς Α. – Μερεκούλιας Β.
15ΤΣΟΥΤΣΟΥΝΙ (Tsoutsouni)7aΜουτάφης Τ. – Κυριακάκης Τ.
16ΜΟΝΑΞΙΑ (Monaxia)7aΣτραβογένης Δ.
17DIGIBORD6b+Πίσκοπος Ν. & Κ.
18ΦΙΝΑΛΕ (Finale)6b+Στραβογένης Δ.

Credits: Eυχαριστούμε θερμά τον Διονύση Στραβογένη και το Climb in Kymi για την αποστολή των πληροφοριών των αναρριχητικών πεδίων της Κύμης / Special thanks to Dionysis Stravogenis and Climb in Kymi for sharing the information of climbing crags in Kymi

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