Platanias Mikro

Climbing in Volos, Platanias Mikro

Mikro is the name of a very beautiful beach new the village Platanias. To reach the climbing crag you follow the main road from Volos to Argalasti, then to village Lafkos and finally to Platania. There you will fing a dirt road 8 km long that leads you to the beach of Mikro. The rocks are visible from the beach. 

You can climb there all the year. The best season though, is the summer because the the cool breeze from the sea makes climbing really pleasant. In the old years those rocks where probably a big cave because the formation includes many stalactites and pockets. A rope of 60 meters is enough and 15 quickdraws to be able to climb all the routes. Don’t forget your swimming suit, because the beach is really awesome!

Climbing Routes Table:

Πλατανιάς Μικρό

1.To deos tou oinopoli5c
2.Mausi7b (?)
4.Kinisi sto leuko6b
5.Pata to bizi6a
9.Rookie Jookie6c
11.project8a (?)
12.Plati sto Aigaio (2 pitches)6b
13.Chara's to Kouragio sou6c+
14.Agnantevontas to galazio6b+ name7b
16.Magitsis no name8a (?)project
17.Dreamin Dolphin7a+

Credits: Αναρρίχηση στο νομό Μαγνησίας

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