Portes Amfissa


Climbing at Portes Amfissas starts in 1996 where John Kourelis and John Simos bolted the first routes in the chapel of St. Nicholas. Soon after, they bolted a diagonal crag called Sernikakiotissa. 

In 2004 Nikos Chatzis visits the venue and bolts the route Everest which follows an amazing tufa. The same day the Greek expedition on Everest was able to successfully summit. The route is of historic significance it’s named “16/05/2004” while the sector is named “Everest”. 

Always with the support of Amfissas Mountaineering Club the venue “Portes” is accessible for the climbing community in May 2012. Without the contribution and voluntary work of Amfissas Mountaineering Club members it would be impossible to complete the venue “Portes”. 

Also important is the technical support provided by the Municipality of Delphi, to create, organize and promote the climbing area “Portes” 

Copyright: Nikos Hatzis



Climbing Routes Table:


1Μαναράκι5+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
2Ζυγουράκι5+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
3Παρδαλό κατσίκι5+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
4Τρελλή γίδα6a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
4ext4 & 5ext6a/6a+20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
5Βαβυλωνία?20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
6Ιερουσαλήμ6a+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
7Ιερηχώ5+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
8Σεργουνιώτικα6a+20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
8ext8 & 9ext6a20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
9Σερκινακιώτικα6a20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
10Τρύπα5+20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
10extΤρύπα 2η σχοινιά6a20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
11Νυχτερινή παραλλαγή520m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
12Σχισμή Κουλελή6a20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
Σχισμή Κουλελή 2η σχοινιά420m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: φυσικές ασφάλειες

Μακρύς Τοίχος

1Σφαίρα6b/6b+21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
2Μπαμπάνης6c/6c+21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
3Κατσάκος6b+/6c21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
4Κατσαβός6c21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
5Εκλογική Αναμέτρηση6c21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
6Εις τα Σάλωνα6a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
7Κρισσαίο πεδίο6b/6b+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
8Δελφικό πεδίο6b/6b+23m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
9Μαγγλάρας6b+21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
10Μενίρ515m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
11Κάππαρη5+13m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
12Ελιές513m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
13Λάδι5+13m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
14Φέτα5+13m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
15Ντομάτα5+16m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
16Ψύχα ψωμί6c20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
17Σίγουρη ήττα7a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
18Μελλοντική νίκη7a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
19Elias est tombe6b+/6c25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
20Top rope project?25m
21Διεδροκαμινάδα4+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
22Πυλώνας Σίμου6a20m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
23Καμινάδα Γκούμα5+25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
24Καμινάδα Γκούμα (δεξιά)525m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: λείπουν ασφάλειες !
25Φτερό6a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
26Μεγάλη απάτη6a+21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
27Χωρίς δόλο6a+/6b21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
28Ήπια ανάπτυξη6a21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
29Ιστορική στιγμή6a21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
30Δοξασμένοι καιροί6c21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5 (Προσοχή! Μεγάλη απόσταση μεταξύ 3ης και 4ης ασφάλειας)
31Άλλες ημέρες6c21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
32Την σήμερον Ημέραν6a21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
33Βαρέλι5+17m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
34Βαρελόφρων6b+19m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
35Φόρος?21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
36Κουκουλοφόρος7a/7a+21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
37Ψηφοφόρος7a/7a+21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
38Αντίπαλο δέος?21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
39Σκληρός πυρήνας?21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
40Εκλογικό αποτέλεσμα6c+/7a21m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
41Εκαπιδευτική μεταρρύθμιση6c19m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
42Ανοιχτό Πανεπιστήμιο6b19m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
44Ιπποπόταμος?17m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
45Αλυφαντάκος7a15m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
46Σκυλάκος5b15m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
47Γατούλης5c15m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
48Βούρτσα5+13m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
49Μπρίκο6a10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
50Hot Χάρης6b10m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4


1.38/456a+15m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
25206c17m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
3331006b+17m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
425106b+/6c17m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 4
53046c/6c+17m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 5
69.806657a19m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 6
716-05-20047a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 9
80 - άπειρο7b25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 8
9κενό7a25m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7
10Το τσακμάκι7a23m, ROUTE_QUICKDRAWS: 7

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