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Tinos is the 4th largest island in Cyclades with a surface of 194,3 sq/km. It has 8.574 permanent residents in 62 different communities. Tinos belongs to North Cyclades and is located northeast after Andros and Mykonos. Tinos is a very popular destination especially for Relegion related tourism which fleet the island during the 15th of August to visit the church of Virgin Mary. What most people don’t know is that Tinos has become a climbing paradise for Bouldering known all across the Europe and all over the world. The northeast part of the island in a surface of 20 sq/km is full of granite boulders perfect for climbing.

What is Bouldering

Bouldering is a kind of climbing on small boulders (rocks) about 5 meters without the use of rope with special mattresses to avoid injury in a possible fall. It is as safe as conventional climbing with rope as long as you follow some simple rules. Bouldering became fashion in the early 90s, when Chris Sharma started to travel the world and put up some of the hardest boulder problems in the world.

There is a climbing guide for bouldering in Tinos which you can obtain from the following link. The guide was edited by the Germans Karsten Oelze and Harald Roker. Important was the offering of Stelios Kosmopoulos and Marina Mogli to translate the guide and Anthonis Skevofylakas, Tom Michaelides for exploring the region and their contribution to the creation of the guide.

Access to the island

Tinos has no airport so therefore you must reach the island by boat. The nearest airport is located in Mykonos but winter flights are few. The best way to get there is to take the ferry from Rafina. Rafina is about 20 kilometers from the international airport of Athens. The ferry from Rafina takes approximately 4 hours to Tinos. Prices start from 18 euros per person and 60 euros per car. There are quicker ships but they are also more expensive.


There are hotels and rooms to rent all across the island. The island has also a campsite. If you don’t take a car with you, you can rent one in the island as well.

Food and drink

There are many supermarkets and small grocery stores on the island and many Tavernas but some of them might be closed during the winter

Other activities

Besides climbing and depending on the season, you can do swimming, hiking, diving, cycling and boat trips to nearby islands. Do not forget to visit the Virgin Mary which is one of the most important churches of  Orthodoxy.

Access to climbing areas

On the island you will find a detailed map. Depending on the area walking will take you from 1 to 20 minutes maximum. The rock type all over the island is granite.

Best Season

The best time for bouldering in Tinos is winter. Of course this doesn’t mean that you can’t go any time of the year but during the summer the climbing is limited only in the very early morning hours or late in the afternoon. Summer is not the best idea though.


You will not find any climbing stores on the island so you have to bring the whole climbing equipment with you. All you need is some brushes, chalk you climbing shoes and of course the crash pads.


Information and useful numbers

Camping http://www.camping.gr/tinos/index.htm
Attika bus station
Ship timetables
Accomodation information
Rentals bikes/cars
General Tinos information


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