Vrysi Crag

Climbing in Euboea, Kymi

The crag of Vrysi is an oblong red wall with strong texture that attracts the gaze from afar. Located west of the village at the area that locals call «Mpougazi».  Is part of the most east-southern end of the massif of Kotylaia forming a rocky amphitheater named ancient Vrygchi.  The routes offer beautiful view of the valley with olive groves and the nearby villages. It consists of high quality compact limestone and has a total height of up to 40m.Here one can climb throughout the year, on relatively sharp red and gray rock with cracks, holes and dihedrals.

Approach / Access

From the town center of Kymi move uphill and to the south and follow the signs for Chalkida. After 13,6km and after passing the village of Dirrevmata turn right at the sign for the village of Vrysi. You start driving downhill and you can see the cliff appear imposing in the distance. In the first junction continue straight and go over the small bridgeBefore entering the village at the fork, turn right at the sign for the village of Episkopi. Continue straight on, you enter the first houses of the village until you see again signs where you turn right for the village of Episkopi. Continue straight and you can constantly see the crag straight ahead in the distance. In the first turn of the road you drive straight into cemented road and drive to the end of the road to an olive grove where you park. The location is ideal for free camping, while the nearest beach is that of Stomio and is 13 km away.Very close to the cliff the Folklore Museum of the village, as well as the Sinkhole before the village of Agios Vlasios, worth visiting.

Climbing Routes Table:


1BACK DOOR MAN6bΑλιφέρης Γ. – Ποθητάκης Γ.
3CHILD IN TIME6b+Αλιφέρης Γ. – Ποθητάκης Γ.
4STORMY MONDAY6cΠοθητάκης Γ. - Αλιφέρης Γ.
5DIRTY LOVE6cΜιχαηλίδης Θ. – Κεφαλάς Θ.
6SOLDIER OF FORTUNE-Μιχαηλίδης Θ. – Αλιφέρης Γ. – Κεφαλάς Θ.
7FREE BIRD6b+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
8CROSS TOWN TRAFFIC6c+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
9WISH YOU WERE HERE6a/6a+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
10FUNK IT6b/6b+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
11DEATH ON TWO LEGS7aΠοθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
12SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL6c+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
13SUNDAY MORNING6c+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
14FEAR OF THE DARK6a+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
15ECLIPSE6aΠοθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.
16CLOSE TO THE EDGE6a+Ποθητάκης Γ. – Μπαραφάκα Σ.

Credits: Eυχαριστούμε θερμά τον Γιώργο Ποθητάκη και το Climb in Kymi για την αποστολή των πληροφοριών των αναρριχητικών πεδίων της Κύμης / Special thanks to George Pothitakis and Climb in Kymi for sharing the information of climbing crags in Kymi

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